Vireo Case Study

After decades of development, the food industry in Taiwan has transformed from one covering only basic food processing operations to residents in Taiwan to a full-fledged industry offering some unique, high-quality products for the global market.

Even though Taiwanese food industry has some great products, they still struggle at creating effecitve branding and messaging that would allow to succesfully enter the US market.

One of the biggest Taiwanese food manufacturers has reached out to us just for that, they needed our help with creating an unique food brand that would attract global customers.

All our customer had was 2 products without any idea of how to sell them. That’s why we had to create the brand from scratch, including product names and brand story.

We chose the name Vireo. That Latin word means to be green, be lively or vigorous; be full of youthful vigor. Based on the name and the brand story that we created we came up with a logo that is both green and full of life.

Vireo started with 2 products. Tablets with fiber and vitamins – VeggieFru and an instant smoothie – VitaSmoothie.

After naming those 2 new products, we created packaging aimed at young people that was based on the brand’s principles – being lively and full of energy.


We were also responsible for copywriting. The challenge here was that both products were regulated by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), so every single claim needed to be carefully crafted and checked with existing regulations.